Saturday, June 02, 2007

What is the role of the publications adviser

ReportWhat is the role of the faculty adviser with a student publication? This is an important practical and philosophical question in the college setting. And if it is important, it is also a difficult question to answer.

The question was at the heart of a student publication adviser survey conducted by the Journalism Association of Community Colleges in late May and early June 2007. The survey mirrored a 2003 survey conducted by Mary Mazzocco of Solano College.

In that survey 22 faculty advisers overwhelming reported that they become hands-on in most areas rarely or when asked by students. The one exception was that they opted for newspaper critiques AFTER publication.

JACC’s 2007 survey asked the same questions. This time the 39 advisers who responded anonymously to the survey once again reported overwhelming results that suggest they help mostly when asked to by students.

See the report of the survey at


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