Friday, March 23, 2007

JACC Converge

Day one of the 2007 JACC annual convention is in the books. Some 600-plus students and advisers from 51 California community colleges are meeting in Sacramento for the 52nd annual event.

Multimedia is a big theme of this year's convention. The Sacramento Bee's Manny Crisotomo opened the convention with a keynote presentation on a series called "The Weight" that he worked on about America's first (and only) residential high school for obese teens (located in my hometown of Reedley; I may have been the only Reedleyite in the room). Well done and inspiring. I saw some of my students analyzing what was shown and thinking about how we could use some of the techniques for our own publication. Ahhh, the next step, one of the things I love about teaching.

Also interesting to note is that a group of students and one faculty adviser is working on a multimedia project covering the convention. Take a look at JACC: Converge. To say I'm especially proud that the students come from Cerritos College and are being advised by adjunct Cerritos instructor Amara Aguilar (a former student of mine) would be an understatement.


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