Friday, September 08, 2006

Web Watch 2

Looks like a few more JACC schools have started the semester with their online editions. Joining Cerritos, Citrus and Cypress are Fullerton, Laney, Ohlone, Palomar, Pasadena, Riverside, and Skyline.

It will be interesting to watch sites for stories about the new AB 2581 and what students have to say. So far, none of the papers above have online stories, though I saw one in a print editon of the Contra Costa Advocate that was printed and I've been interviewed by a couple of students from other schools about it.

Interesting stories to watch this week are Fullerton's 23-year-old's guide to growing up and getting out of Fullerton, Palomar College's delay of a nursing program expansion because it can't find teachers, and Pasadena's suspcious hiring of a new football coach and a story we might all look at: a drop in enrollments of international students post 9-11.

Cerritos has added video to its list of podcasts and blogs and I hear that Santa Barbara and Laney are working on podcasts.


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