Thursday, September 28, 2006

Electronic portfolios for students

Sample portfoiloOne of College Publisher's under-utilized tools, for the sake of the 27 JACC schools that have signed with CP, is its built-in electronic portfolio of students' work. Few schools seem to take advantage of it.

While the tool is free and automatic, it requires schools to take TWO simple steps to activate it.

To see a sample of how it works, visit the Cerritos Talon Marks site and click on any byline. You are taken to a portfolio of all the photos and stories that student has taken and written. This portfoilio can be issued a specific URL that can be shared with potential employers or Aunt Sally. A student can write his or her own bio statement, attach a photo and attach a resume for download.

Talon Marks has even added a staff roster photo page with links to the individual portfolio pages.

To create the portfolio pages College Publisher users must do two things: Set up an individual account for each student. (Don't want all students to have access? Just don't tell them what password you assign them. But why wouldn't you want to give them access to upload stories? They don't go online until an editor approves them. Let's talk.)

The second step is then to assign a byline from the drop-down menu that will then appear on any "Add story" page or on the photo upload page. That's it.

Pages will exist forever as long you stick with College Pubilsher and you don't delete the student from the staff list. You can deactivate "Reporter" status without deleting the student.


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